Since May 24, 2019, Taiwan is the first country in Asia to legalize same-sex marriage. Finally allowing same-sex marriages is just one more example of how Taiwan is a vibrant, free, democratic society that can accept that people are different. According to Ministry of the Interior statistics, a total of 3,553 same-sex couples had married as of March. Couples that for decades could not officially declare their love for each other finally had their chance.

One of the legal restrictions that still stand is that both spouses has to come from a country where same-sex marriage is legal. This means that a Taiwanese person can’t marry their same-sex partner from for example Hong Kong. Nor can two Hong Kongers living in Taiwan as foreign residents marry each other in Taiwan. This is the next legal change activists wants to see.

This situation has further implications for example where a Taiwanese can’t sponsor their partner for a spouse visa so the foreigner can legally reside in Taiwan.

For people from Hong Kong and Macau can afford it, there is a legal loop hole of sorts. If the spouses-to-be can invest NTD 6 million (~HKD 1.5 million) each in a Taiwanese company, both can potentially become Taiwanese citizen within 18 months. As citizens there would be no legal obstacles to their same-sex marriage.

This legal loop hole exist due the unique historical relationship between Taiwan and Hong Kong/Macau that makes it easier for them to become Taiwanese citizens.

Investments could be made in various ways:

  1. They can either star a new company in Taiwan.
  2. They can find a business in Taiwan that they can invest in.
  3. Pamir Law Group has already vetted some businesses for investments.

The law requires the investment to result in a number of Taiwanese citizens to be employed and the company has to be stable so it at least survives until the citizenship application is granted. This is why it might be fastest and easiest to invest in a company that Pamir has already vetted. Contact us and we will explain all the costs and choices.