For families moving to a new country, one of the most common questions is about what schools are available and how good are they? Taiwan has an excellent public school system that foreign residents also have access to but many still prefer to put their children in international schools. The reasons are fairly obvious, in that the children of foreigners without Mandarin Chinese as a language will find it harder to adjust to local schools, especially the older they get.

Taiwan has a number of high quality international schools that cater to children with various language backgrounds and also some with various religious affiliations. Fees and enrollment costs can be fairly expensive at private and international schools when compared to public education, but these will vary between institutions.

The following is a list of websites for well-known and popular international schools in Taiwan:

Cornel English School
Ivy Collegiate Academy

Dominican International School
Taipei American School
Taipei European School Taipei

I-Shou International School 
Kaohsiung American School
Kaohsiung Dominican School