Los Angeles Times reports that among Hong Kongers who has decided to move to greener fields, the US perhaps surprisingly is not the most popular country.

“Anti-immigrant political rhetoric, high-profile incidences of gun violence and impending changes to the “investor visa” program have encouraged Hong Kong’s would-be emigres to consider alternatives such as Australia, Canada, Singapore and Taiwan.”

They consider to say that in a “December survey by Chinese University of Hong Kong, one-third of the city’s citizens said they’d consider leaving. Among them, the most popular destinations were Canada and Australia, with at least 18% of respondents each, followed by Taiwan at 11% and Singapore at 5%. The U.S. was the top choice for 2.9%.”

We would of course add that Taiwan has its own benefits because investors do not need to invest as much money and for Hong Kongers, citizenship is possible within just 2-3 years.  Learn more about the Taiwan Investment Visa here.

Read the full Los Angeles Times story: https://www.latimes.com/business/story/2019-10-12/for-hong-kongs-anxious-elite-the-u-s-isnt-the-top-escape-route