As a spokesperson for China’s National People’s Congress on May 21 announced that it will push through a national security law that will impose harsh new restrictions in Hong Kong, many people in Hong Kong took to the internet and started to search for information about immigration options.

As the law appears to be draconian and is being devised without the input or the authorization of the Legislative Council of Hong Kong, many in Hong Kong consider it a gross violation of the Basic Law and the “one country, two systems framework.”

Starting from May 21, Google Trends shows that searches for words like “immigration” in Chinese characters went up 10-fold. The same increase in searches were observed for “Taiwan Immigration” in Chinese.

Google searches for Taiwan Immigration increase in Hong Kong

Google searches for Taiwan Immigration increase in Hong Kong

At Pamir Law Group we mainly work with Hong Kongers who want to immigrate to Taiwan as investors. As such we have for a long time tracked the search volumes for keywords such as “Taiwan Investor Immigration”  (Chinese: 台灣投資移民 ) in Hong Kong. When the protests against the extradition law was in full swing in 2019, about 1300 people every months went to Google looking for information about that keyword. Then during the beginning of 2020, the volume went down to about 1000 searches per month but in the last week, the search volume is back to 1300.

Over 5000 Hong Kongers were granted residence permits in Taiwan in 2019. This was up over 40% from 2018 according to the Taiwan Ministry of the Interior. Another 1474 Hong Kongers secured a Taiwan identification cards.

Our hearts and minds are with our friends in Hong Kong and we also hope everyone knows that due to the special historical and legal twists and turns, Hong Kongers who invest in Taiwan can obtain not only residency but even full citizenship in as little as 18 months. They don’t even need to give up their Hong Kong residency.