Taiwan offers a great Taiwan citizenship by investment program that is internationally competitive. Any nationality can apply for it and obtain residency but residents from Hong Kong and Macau are in a special immigration category and can potentially obtain Taiwanese citizenship in as little as 18 months without giving up their original passport.

The requirements for the Taiwan Citizenship by Investment program are simple:

To qualify for the Taiwan citizenship by investment program you need to invest at least NTD 6 million (~USD 200,000 / ~HKD 1.5 Million) in a private Taiwanese company. There are several choices for your investment targets. Pamir has pre-screened a number of companies that we can introduce to you or you can visit our beautiful island and identify a private company to invest in. Taiwan has a bustling startup community with incubators and accelerators where you might find your new business partners. Another method would be to start a brand new company. All three methods come with pros and cons. What you can’t do is to simply buy an apartment or invest in a company that only have passive income from real estate investments. Investments in publicly traded companies also won’t qualify you for the investment visa.

You need to reside in Taiwan for one year without leaving more than thirty (30) days during that period or reside in Taiwan over two-hundred seventy (270) days for each of two consecutive years. Thankfully, Taiwan is a fantastic country to live in and has been ranked number 1 country in the world for expats to live in for several years. It is common to meet foreign-born residents or citizens who say “I came to live here for just one year and fell in love with the place.

You also need to find a Taiwanese guarantor. This is perhaps a trickier requirement if you do not already have great friends or family in Taiwan. The great news is that any employed adult Taiwanese citizen with their residence registered in Taiwan can act as guarantor. This is a great reason to visit Taiwanese to make new friends.

Your family can also immigrate to Taiwan with you:

Bring your whole family under the Taiwan Citizenship by Investment programYour spouse and children under 20 years old can also obtain residency, tied to your residence permit. They would receive the exact same benefits and rights as the main applicant, as long as they also meet the residence requirement. If you were wondering, pets can also move with you but the process can be complicated and require the animals to be quarantined.

Unfortunately, your parents would not qualify for residency under this program. They could of course make an investment of their own and also put themselves on track to citizenship.

Taiwan has great schools and great healthcare so it offers a friendly and comfortable environment for the whole family, young and old alike.

Benefits of the Taiwan Citizenship by Investment Program:

First you get your Taiwan residency and then you can apply for citizenship. For Hong Kong and Macau residents, that Taiwan Passport might just be 18 months away. Despite Taiwan’s complicated international relations, that Taiwanese passport is ranked as the 32nd best passport in the world based on how many countries you can visit without first applying for a visa.

You would also get the right to vote in democratic elections. Taiwan is a very robust democracy and in 2018 ranked second in Asia and 10th among 162 countries and territories around the world in the latest Human Freedom Index.

You also get access to Taiwan’s excellent Healthcare System which is ranked the best healthcare system in the world by the 2019 Health Care Index. You can pay healthcare premiums either as a private individual but for employees the premiums would be shared between the employee and the company.

You and your family also get access to the Taiwan Education system with 12 years of compulsory education and 124 universities. There are great schools, both public and private to choose from. There are also excellent international schools teaching in various languages.

Alternative Investment Visas

Alternatively, you may apply for Permanent Residency if you have invested NTD15,000,000 in a business and created 5 full-time jobs for R.O.C. nationals over 3 years, or have invested NTD30,000,000 in R.O.C. government bonds for over 3 years. A great selling point for this scheme is that you will not be required to be physically present in Taiwan during your residency.