Those who live in Taiwan are spoilt for choice when it comes to exploring the masses of coastline on this rich and varied island. From pristine white-sand beaches to lush green reefs, locals have it all at their fingertips, with many of the beaches easily accessible from Taipei in under 2 hours, often using public transport.

To ensure you don’t miss out on all the beauty Taiwan’s coastline has to offer, this is our guide to some of Taiwan’s most beautiful beaches.

Fulong Beach

Taiwan Beaches Fulong Beach

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A favorite among Taipei residents due to its close proximity to the city and the ability to travel there with a short train ride, Fulong beach is a 3km-long stretch golden sand that’s popular with visitors in the summer months. It’s famous for its Sand Sculpture Festival, where each year artists build incredible giant sculptures that rise up out of the coastline and can be seen from a distance as you’re making your way there.

During the summer months, Fulong Beach also has lifeguards on duty, making it an excellent place to take children knowing there are people watching out for their safety.


Taiwan Kenting beaches

“Kenting” by Corne Viljoen is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0


Further afield at the tip of south Taiwan, Kenting has long been a popular holiday destination for both locals and those from abroad. Its location provides year-round warm weather, and the beach is nestled within the spectacular surroundings of Kenting’s National Park. With a veritable array of hotels to choose from that suit every budget, many love to spend their vacations here. Plus Kenting Street’s bustling night market gives you more options for delicious street food than your belly will have chance to enjoy.


Taiwan Laomei Beaches

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For those looking for something a bit different from your everyday beaches but something that’s just as beautiful, Laomei’s rich green coastline is a sight for sore eyes. Deep troughs and trenches made from volcanic rock weave throughout the coastline, and are covered in vibrant green algae at certain times of the year, giving this place an ethereal and mystical feel to it, especially when sea mist drifts over the reef to give it that otherworldly vibe.

Chihsingtan Beach

Taiwan Chihsingtan Beach

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This beach is also atypical compared to your everyday beach, with sand being replaced by pebbles, but what sets it apart is its surroundings, with incredible mountains rising up around you from every angle. There are numerous walking and cycling trips you can take here to really make sure you see everything this beautiful destination has to offer.

Feicueiwan Beach

Taiwan Feicueiwan Beach

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If you like to get your adrenaline pumping with some water activities then Feicueiwan Beach is where it’s at. Also known as Green Bay, this 2 Km stretch of coastline gives you the opportunity to see the oceans diverse marine life with a spot of scuba diving or snorkeling, go full throttle across the ocean on jetskis, skim over the waters on skis or go airborne with some paragliding and hand-gliding, where you’ll experience incredible views of this stunning part of the country.

Baishawan Beach

Taiwan Baishawan Beach

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The azure waters and fine, white-sand beach make this one of the most popular destinations for Taipei residents, with it being little more than a stone’s throw away, taking no longer than 45 minutes to get there by public transport. And the stunning 1km beach is not the only reason people flock here. To the west of the beach you can see incredible volcanic formations, plus go exploring on one of the many hiking trails this area has to offer.