There are a thousand reasons
to fall in love with Taiwan,
explore them all!

Geographically and culturally close to Hong Kong and Macau, Taiwan is a familiar setting a stone’s throw away and an ideal location for a second home. Travelers from Hong Kong and Macau have for a long time been attracted to Taiwan due to the warmth of its people, shared heritage, and of course, delectable food. Above all, Taiwan boasts a diverse, progressive, and tolerant society that is simultaneously a relaxed environment—suitable for nurturing a family. Thanks to excellent and cost-effective healthcare, education, and transportation systems, Taiwan is a safe, convenient, and efficient environment to thrive.


Taiwan’s healthcare system is ranked among the best in the world


Housing in Taiwan is relatively affordable and plentiful

Family Environment

The whole family will enjoy great transportation, education & healthcare


Taiwan is a great platform for entrepreneurs, digital nomads, and seasoned professionals

Quality of Life

Low cost of living, a safe environment, and countless entertainment and dining options

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